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40-Day Window of Prayer

July 28 to Sept. 6 (Rosh Hashanah)

Timothy Snodgrass - July 21, 2021

Recently we began receiving a large number of warnings from the Holy Spirit regarding the forty-day window of time which leads up to Rosh Hashanah, 2021 (July 28 – Sept. 6). The warnings included major seismic activity along the Pacific Ring of Fire, which had the potential of producing a Pacific-wide tsunami. As always, we believe that prayer and strategic acts of faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit can directly affect the epicenter and impact of these events, for God is graceful and full of mercy if we call on his name.

If you happen to live within close proximity to the Pacific, do not live in fear – for all of these things which Jesus spoke of in Matthew chapter 24 must come to pass – but the epicenter of many seismic events can be changed through prayer and intercession.

I would advise a high state of alertness between July 28 and September 6 – especially if you live along the coastal areas. We may see more than one great quake prior to Rosh Hashana (by Great Quake, I mean an earthquake greater than 8.0). I cannot stress enough the urgency of being OBEDIENT to the Holy Spirit during this time. The Lord may direct some of you to travel to some of these future seismic hot spots before the shaking begins, in order to save lives – whereas prayer can move mountains, literally!

Due to the Pandemic, it may be hard for some of you to travel internationally – but if you live in the USA, for example, the Lord may send you to California, Alaska or Mexico to pray for some of these key areas. Or if you live in Southern Japan, the Lord may have you travel to Northern Japan to perhaps pray for the Northern Honshu area. Looking back, the last time I was in Honshu was on March 11, 2011. As most of you know, I arrived in Japan from Manila on Delta Airlines thirty minutes before the 9.1 quake. As terrible as the Great Japan Earthquake was, the reality is that it could have been much worse. I remember sending an emergency prayer request to my friend David Herzog, who was preaching in Hawaii at the time. By the time the tsunami reached David’s hotel, although his parking lot was flooded, there was no structural damage to any of the hotels in Honolulu.

If you have been following our ministry over the years, undoubtedly you have heard many of my testimonies of the miracles, signs and wonders in Japan following the Great 9.1 Quake. Although I would have preferred to not have been in Japan at the time – looking back, today I would not trade those memories and experiences for anything in the world! (Later this year I will be releasing a book about my experiences during the Great Honshu Quake – both the trauma and sadness, and also the breakthroughs, miracles, signs and wonders).

After traveling to more than a hundred nations around the globe, I have been in a lot of earthquakes. Sometimes our team is warned in advance about an earthquake – but not always. When we do receive a warning, we rarely make it public. Our ministry does not give prophetic warnings frivolously – only under clear direction from the Holy Spirit!

This is the first newsletter our ministry has released since the beginning of the Pandemic. Our move to Kingman, Arizona is now complete. (If you are not familiar with Kingman, it is located at high elevation in the Mohave Desert, in an area where three states join together [Arizona, California & Nevada]). From this strategic location, we are believing for revival and a mighty move of God in the Tri-State area!

On January 11, 2021 I had a vision, in which I was standing on a high mountain overlooking the Tri-State area, and saw beautiful vacant land and green rolling hills as far as I could see. The desert was becoming like a garden. Suddenly, my father appeared in the vision. He said that he couldn’t wait to see me in heaven, but before I left this earth he wanted to give me a small gift. He handed me a small wooden lighter, which had a burrow engraved on it. When I struck the lighter a golden flame ignited, and all the land below me caught on fire with the Presence of the Lord! Arizona was ablaze with the Fire of God, and the flames of revival began to spread across the land into California, Nevada and other states. And the Lord spoke to me that this is the season that God’s voice is going to roar out of Arizona like a lion!

Blessings, Timothy Snodgrass

President, EHPN

Please send all love gifts and correspondence to: Eleventh Hour Prayer Network, Inc. – PO Box 4387, Kingman, AZ 86402