Timothy Snodgrass is the President and Founder of Eleventh Hour Prayer Network, and has ministered to over 100 nations around the globe, spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. He is know for being at the right place place at the right time - such as when he arrived in Germany with his team on November 9, 1989 (the Day the Berlin Wall fell).

In 2011, Timothy arrived in Japan one hour before the great 9.1 earthquake on March 11. During the days that followed the earthquake, Timothy saw an unusual amount of miracles, signs and wonders which brought multitudes of people to Christ in Honshu, Japan. He is known for his very precise and accurate prophetic words, spoken at the right place at the right time. If you would like for Timothy to minister at your church, conference or group, please email him directly at: EHPN@outlook.com